Mortgage rates soar to 4.46%

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Rising interest rates have hit mortgages big time.

Rates on 30-year, fixed-rate home loans spiked 0.53 percentage points to an average of 4.46% this week — the largest weekly increase in more than 26 years, according to mortgage giant Freddie Mac.

The 30-year loan, which stood at 3.35% as recently as early May, is at its highest level since July 2011.

Rates for 15-year loans, popular with homeowners refinancing their mortgages, jumped 0.46 percentage points to 3.5%.

An extra percentage point(0.53) will cost homebuyers with 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages $56 more a month for every $100,000 they borrow.

The sudden jump in rates is driven by uncertainty over whether the Federal Reserve’s economic stimulus program, called quantitative easing(QE), will continue, according to Keith Gumbinger of, a mortgage information provider.

The recent rate rise might not be enough to discourage most buyers.

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